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The Heart of Leadership©

Igniting Leadership Impact, Today


Heart of Leadership© 

The Heart of Leadership© by WorldsView™ Academy is the journey of igniting personal leadership choices in individuals who wish to stand up and make a difference in their world. All participants should discover something about themselves that they did not know, gain key insights into how they can have a greater leadership impact and understand, at a ‘heart’ level, some of the critical issues that are associated with influencing a community of people to move towards a higher objective. The day unfolds in conversation, collaboration, laughter and insights through activities, robust theory underpinning the principles, peer coaching and self-discovery. This is guided by an accredited WorldsView™ Academy facilitator who will ensure the energy, framework, timekeeping and topics all weave together to form a day that guides people to become better leaders.  They will be ready to move into the world as catalytic change agents to ignite a ‘fire into the belly’ of the people they choose to lead.

To learn more about the Heart of Leadership© Workshop Click here to go to the Heart of Leadership© Guide to the Workshop


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