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Smart organisations, smart teams - all with a purpose

Amid the pressures of the current global economic conditions, are organisations taking time out to recognise that people are their most valuable resource? Judging by the response from the 58 organisations who attended the Cape Town launch of Purposeful Teams™ on 12 February, the answer is yes.

Leading Health Care Provider Raves about Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention

Magda Auret is a Customer Relationship Manager at a Leading Health Care Provider, dealing with escalated customer queries. As part of the company’s High Performance Programme, Magda was chosen to take part in Nine Conversations in Leadership, as part of a drive to develop future leaders for the organisation. Since she started the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention, Magda has noticed a positive change in her approach to her job, and her excitement at the lessons she’s learned has been passed on to those around her, influencing her entire environment to adopt a transformational approach to their daily functions.

Become an Accredited WorldsView™ Consulting Facilitator

WorldsView partners with skilled facilitators around the world, to make their offerings more accessible to organisations who need transformational change.

Smart organisations seek purposeful interventions

As economies across the world plummet,’s Layoff Tracker reports that there have been 486 639 layoffs at America’s 500 largest listed companies since November 2008. According to BBC News, workers across the world face job losses as large corporations announce more than 70 000 lay-offs in one day. In South Africa, Minister of Finance Trevor Manual alerts the mining industry that it needs to have proposals in place to ensure that people remain in employment.

Leadership insights from three continents

Leaders talking with leaders across three continents in January and February 2009 revealed insights on leadership, innovation, key strategic drivers and operational alignment for effective leadership in turbulent times. These insights and the underpinning need for leadership as a deep competence were identified by Craig Yeatman, Chief Executive Officer of the WorldsView™ Holdings group, during his recent visit to WorldsView™ Consulting's global partners in the United Arab Emirates [UAE], the United Kingdom [UK] and Australia.

Leadership through Conversation

Leaders shape the world through the conversations they engage in, and organisations move forward one meaningful conversation at a time.

Meltdown or an opportunity to engage people?

Market decline, strategies in volatile markets, ‘bailouts’, economic regeneration, downsizing – all are current news topics about the global economic meltdown. Occasionally, the word transformation appears, yet not in the context of people – our most valuable resource and potential asset – nor the critical need for leading people through and beyond the current crisis.

A Vision at the Heart of Leadership - Setting the Direction

Without vision, we are blind – and without a vision, an organisation is liable to be stumbling around, lost in the blizzard. As champions of vision, leaders use this powerful tool to lead their communities through the challenges of the environment, and create the space for empowered action by the organisational community.

It's not all about take.....take....take

Invest in Communities to Advance Capitalism

Being a Leader at work, even when you're not the boss

The time of waiting for instructions or direction to flow from the management team before acting is a thing of the past. As the economy and our global environment changes, the company’s ability to succeed relies more and more on the strength and leadership capability of the individuals within the organisation.

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