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Interventions for Non-Profit Organisations

The world turns on so much more than money.

We are connected to organisations that serve goals other than profit.

We have this connection because our global facilitator network reaches into so many facets of life.

WorldsView Consulting exists to create interventions that help you to help others.

Sometimes we are rewarded with profit.

At other times we are rewarded by knowing that, together with our facilitator network, we are able to help improve the world.

We applaud the work you do for non-profit organisations.

We would love to help you in that work.

WorldsView™ Consulting's accredited Facilitators may wish to offer a WorldsView™ Consulting intervention to a not-for-profit organisation such as a church, school, social organisation or a club. In these cases, WorldsView Consulting may agree to waive its licence fees for the intervention and charge only for the handbooks and other materials provided.

Guidelines for Non-Profit Interventions

We require that an accredited facilitator takes responsibility for the delivery of the intervention, and we require further that all our normal quality standards apply to the intervention – including such things as registering all participants on the WorldsView learner management system, ensuring that all participants undergo the 360o feedback process, and that all participants complete workplace assignments as set out in the relevant intervention. In summary, irrespective of what they are paying, participants should experience the intervention as it was designed to be delivered.

Even though we may waive the licence fee, we do not expect facilitators to waive their facilitation fee. We have no objection to facilitators charging for their time during delivery of the intervention and we leave this for the sponsoring facilitator to negotiate with the non-profit organisation.


Should you wish to offer a WorldsView Consulting intervention to a not-for-profit organisation, please complete the attached form and submit the request to, who will consider the request and let you know whether the application has been approved.

Thereafter, an order should be placed with WorldsView Consulting for an NPO (non-profit organisation) version of the intervention you wish to run. The NPO discount applicable to your local price-list is 80%, and the discount should be taken on the order. We expect this discount to be passed on to the qualifying NPO in full. When you place your order with WorldsView Consulting, you should attach a copy of the approval letter you received from the WorldsView Consulting Marketing team, and then the Order Entry department at WorldsView™ Consulting will process your order.

Accredited WorldsView facilitators only: Download an NPO Application Form

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